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01 – How to install Aura Theme – cialis use after prostate surgery

02 – Creating theme page –

03 – Creating Header Slider – sublingual tadalafil

04 – Layout Builder, Creating services –

05 – Layout Builder, Parallax background and Our works sections – viripotens 50 sildenafil

06 – Adding Logo, change font and branding color –

07 – Creating Menu – cialis controindicazioni cardiache

08 – Adding other sections via Layout Builder –

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To start the theme installation first locate “” within the package you already downloaded from Themeforest.
Unpack that file to “Desktop” where you can find it easily.
Than go to “Appearance” – “Themes” – “Add new Theme” – “Upload” and point the file-dialog at “”

1 Screen-Shot-2014-02-03-at-14.58.57


Building The Theme Page

Since Aura is a one page theme, the major content stands on a single page. This means all you have to do is to create a new page, by going to Pages – Add New, and choose from the drop-down of page template “One Page“.

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By doing so the section builder UI appears where you can start creating Sections independently and unlimitelly. mua viagra o dau tai tphcm

Like the message says “Click the “Add Layout” button below to start creating your layout” do so, and a drop-down of all available sections will appear. viagra generico en brasil

Step 4

On the document bellow I will explain how each section works and explain the fields there, but before that I will show how to create a Header.

Creating Header

To create a header you should go to Header – Add New and click “Add Row”. first time experience with viagra


A dialog appears where you should choose the header type between “Header With Buttons”, “Header Slider” or No Slider. viagra 8000mg pl

Header With Buttons

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 15.18.34
Image or Video : Choose if you want to place a background image or background video there. On both cases you will see field where you will either upload the image or place the video url from Youtube or Vimeo. prezzo cialis generico

Column Boxes : This is the field where you create boxes, you can do so by clicking “Add Box” and a new box will be shown.Therefore you can choose if this is a Link, Image or a Blank Box.

Overlay Color : This is the overlay color of the header one. viagra price per pill 2015

Header Slider

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 15.24.29Image or Video : Choose if you want to place a background image or background video there.On both cases you will see field where you will either upload the image or place the video url from Youtube or Vimeo.

Slider : This is the UI where you create the typography slider.Click “Add Row” to add a new slide and fill all the fields for each row.

After your done with all the configuration click “Publish” or “Update” and go back to the page you created previously and from the Header field there on the drop-down choose the one you created before. comprar viagra se necesita receta

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Typography Slider

This is the slider with typography and buttons only.

Slider : This is the UI where you create the typography slider.Click “Add Row” to add a new slide and fill all the fields for each row.




Layer Slider

This is the section which allows you to insert a prepared Layer Slider, the plugin which is shipped with this theme.

After you created Layer Sliders from the drop-down there you can choose which slide you want to use there. effetti collaterali cialis one day


Custom Layout (Visual Composer)

This is the section where you can insert content from Visual Composer. viripotens sildenafil microsules argentina

To create a layout go to Layout – Add New and create the layout which you need to show.

After doing so go back to the One Page and from Layout drop-down choose the layout you want to insert there.

PS : You have to configure Visual Composer to work with Layout post types.You can do that by going to Settings – Visual Composer and on “Content types” section check “layouts” and click save. effects of double dose of viagra


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What We Do

This is the services section where you can display Services. viagra high blood pressure risk

Scroll Offset : This is a field which you can see to other fields also (not all of them) where you can define how much pixels this section will come into screen than get animated and be visible generic tadalafil side effects

Services : From this field you can add as many services as you need.Click Add Service and fill all the fields there to create a Service

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Text With Button

This is a section where you can place some text associated with a button.

Fill Button text and Button URL to show the button, and choose if you want to edit the background color.

Parallax Background

From this section you can create image background parallax. cialis lilly icos prezzo

Parallax Background Image : Upload the background image, possibly a high resolution one. cheapest canadian pharmacy for cialis

Parallax Container Height : The container of the parallax height

Button URL and Button Text : Fill those fields if you need a button there daftar harga obat viagra

Text Color and Overlay Color : If you want to style text or overlay


From this section you can add testimonials and slide them out.

Heading Text : The text before testimonials, a note why someone should consider those.

Testimonials : Create from this field as many testimonials as you need by clicking “Add Testimonial” and fill all the fields within


From this section you can place Logo’s of your clients or partners.

Click “Add Client” to add a new client, and upload and insert their information’s from the UI which appears there.


You can add your skills or some other stats from this field.

Click “Add Skill” to add a new skill and alter the skill data’s than.

Twitter Feed

You can add a twitter feed from this section, but on this one you have to do an Extra Step. cialis 5mg price cvs

First of all you have to create a Twitter App.You can create that at

For further information’s how to create a new app please check this article best place buy generic viagra online

Than you have to go to Options – Twitter and insert the Twitter Application authentication data’s there in order we can communicate with the app. can you buy viagra in singapore

Than go back to this page and choose the twitter username and place it at “Twitter Screen Name (Without @)” this field. cialis price list

Note if you want to create more than a twitter feed, than you don’t need to create an extra twitter app.

Team Members/About Me

From this section you can add team members. viagra innenfarbe

Heading Text : Choose an intro text for this section

Sub Heading Text : Some information about the team, or you.

Team Members : Add as many team members as you need from this field.If you leave a single member the layout changes in that form so it looks like About Me. viagra and prozac effects

Audio Player

You can add from this field an Audio Player Control.

Click “Add Audio” and add as many songs as you like. acquistare viagra farmacia

If you add more than one, it turns into a playlist control. natural viagra online


Insert a SoundCloud embed from this section.

Note : You have to get the SoundCloud embed code, instead of the WordPress shortcode.

Parallax Video/Parallax Content

From this section you can add a parallax video or content.

If you choose “Content” from the drop-down there, than you can write HTML markup and make it move with the parallax effect. cialis 20mg boite de 8

Portfolio Grid

From this section, you can create Portfolios lists. krkina viagra

There will be listed Portfolio Projects, which you can create them from Portfolio – Add New and add as many as you need.

Contact Form

You can create a contact form from this section. snafi vs viagra

Don’t forget to include the “Receiving E-mail” otherwise you won’t accept e-mails from this field.

Click “Add Social” to add as many social networks as you need, and place the network URL from there. viagra price in india 2012

Google Map

You can create a map from this section. potenzmittel levitra generika kaufen

Because of it’s dynamic way you have to add the map first, click Update or Publish on the page than get back and make a pointer on the map.

Changing Blog Layout

You can change the blog layout from Options – Blog.

You can choose if you want a Full width or Blog With Sidebar from there. 20 tl viagra

And you can choose the featured parallax image on blog heading. cialis pastillas para que sirven